Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Graduation Project Pictures

My father took the below pictures during the presentation of our graduation project at the beginning of the June 2011

The slides of the presentation was displayed by our Notebook and projector of our university , we met before the beginning of the presentation we set the projector and revise the presentation and the role of each one.

Committee discussion from the right : instructor Atef Abu-Salim,Dr. Adel Muhamed , and Dr. Emad Quaddoura the supervisor of our graduation project

We create a Cab project and represents our Windows mobile Call-Block into cab file , and installed it on second hand HTC smart phone.This smart phone is based on Windows mobile 5 , our project is compatible to work on Windows Mobile 5 to Windows Mobile 6 Installing the Windows Mobile Call-Block on a real smart phone enable us to test the application on real smart phone , the emulator sufficient for development time .But , the Black-Box testing on the emulator does not discover the system bugs till we deployed on real environment .And so , we had system free of bugs at our presentation

Presenting my own part of the slides

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