Saturday, September 4, 2010

Scripting XO Game

Dear the below is my own implemented XO javascript game , I designed and implemented during the course named internet computing 1 , as a project of this course projects .I took this course at the second year during my studying in Jami'at Al-Ulum Al-Tatbiqiya AMMAN , jordan , with the lecturer Dr.Hadel Ahmed. I implemented my script XO game using javascript tags and functions , and HTML tags. The XO grid is a simple HTML table of 3 X 3 , I mean three rows and three columns , each cell at the table contains an input element of type image The start state to play , that the table cells contains the George W Bush pictures , click on any such picture to display the O picture and give the chance of X picture to be displayed in a random manner. X picture will be displayed in the HTML table in a random cell in the table according to the javascript random method , there is no algorithm to display the X pictures .And so , it is an easy task to win at this game ,Of course I am not very happy of this fact .But, I forced to do that .Due to, the course constraints I have not the enough time to design and implemented an Intelligent algorithm to beat any player ! -do not worry if I implemented such algorithm I will provide an optionality for beginner players- .On the other hand , I am proud with the efforts I spend on this game and on my ability to produce such a nice design and implementation

XO game using Java script

Click on George W. Bush Picture

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