Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Windows Mobile Call-Block (Overview)

Windows Mobile Call-Block is the system named my graduation project course in My university Jami'at Al-Ulum Al-Tatbiqiya 2006 – 2010 , I got 97 % at this course having an excellence certificate for this achievement.Windows mobile Call-Block was one of Dr.Emad Quaddoura suggested ideas for students graduation projects in 2010 year.I developed my graduation project system using Visual Studio 2008 as IDE (integrated development environment) , using Device Application technology supported by Windows mobile 6 SDK professional edition. My developing language was C#.Net , and I reused a class library written by C++ , called cordel.dll intended for mobile ce application.I reused only a methods from this component.

What is the new in my Windows mobile Call Block

Of course I expected some one to say , your application is already exist .And so, can I know why the need to re invent the wheel .My answer is I added a new features to already exist windows Mobile Call-Block and I added some of the features of Call Firewall ,searching over WWW you can understand what I mean by call firewall (adding call firewall features was after my graduation project course),and the contacts distinguished as a blocked one have different treatment between reject with an apologize short text message (SMS) or just have the busy treatment. My Windows Mobile Call-Block need from its user to categorize the desired contacts into user defined groups , then the user can define the suitable call treatment for each group , Of Course, blocking contact by contact is NOT the block style any more !!!

What about the adds-on Call Firewall features

Of course , searching on WWW you can find the call firewall .But , again I am not the person , who re invent the wheel .Hence , I understood the concept of Call Firewall , deploying some of call firewall concepts in my Windows mobile Call-Block in a useful and practical manner.The adds-on features can help the user to reject all call OR reject unknown calls .In case of reject all calls you can choose the group you want to exclude from the automatic rejecting , it worthies to say I added the Call Firewall adds-on features after the graduation project course.

What is the secrets of my success

  1. Dr. Emad always told me "do not give up"
  2. posting my questions on MSDN forum , that have the enough care from MSDN Forum members
  3. googling my question , their keyword
  4. Professional Microsoft Smartphone Programming , Baijian Yang (Author) , Pei Zheng (Author), Lionel M. Ni (Author)


  1. Please help me in blocking incoming calls and out going calls using c#..thanks in advance

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